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City of Baker Public Health COVID-19 Update & Declaration – September 2020

WHEREASpursuant to the authority vested in the Office of Mayor of the City of Baker, by City of Baker Charter, Article III, Sections 3-01 and 3-07; Article II, Sections 9-31 and 9-32; Article VI, Section 14-55 and other respective Louisiana laws, Parish Ordinances and Baker Ordinances, and due to the Continuing imminent threats and dangers posed to the health and safety of the citizens of Baker by the COVID-19 virus which has created emergency conditions within the city of Baker, and consistent with and as an update to the City of Baker Emergency Declaration issued on March 16, 2020 as well as subsequent published Updates, and consistent with CDC and State of Louisiana Guidelines and/or Orders, and in observance of the most recent September 11, 2020 COVID-19 related Executive Orders issued by Governor John Bel Edwards, and specifically the continuing Mask/Face Covering and Social Distancing Mandates announcement:

I, DARNELL WAITES, Mayor of the City of Baker, do hereby Amend and Supplement all recent City of Baker Covid-19 Orders, which shall also constitute the City of Baker’s Phase III response in light of the Louisiana Governor’s Phase III and Mask/Face Covering and Social Distancing Mandates, as follows:

Public access to all City of Baker public meeting places shall remain suspended and it is ordered that all Public Meetings normally held at City Hall shall remain suspended from being held at City Hall and that all required and scheduled Baker City Council Meetings shall continue to be held via phone or video conference call with public access available for participation, until further Notice.

It continues to be urgently insisted that all Baker citizens and/or visitors to this City whenever out in public, wear appropriate facial coverings/masks and maintain social distancing in compliance with CDC and State of Louisiana Guidelines and/or Orders until further notice, in order to continue to avoid and reduce the chance of contracting and/or spreading the the COVID-19 infection. 

In order to continue to avoid or reduce COVID-19 infections, the spread of infections and/or death and for the continued safety of all citizens, I as Mayor of the City of Baker continue to strongly urge and highly recommend that all businesses functions and/or gatherings conducted in the City of Baker, including but not limited to Restaurants, Salons, Barbershops and Religious or Church facilities and gatherings, etc., may resume, but only to a maximum of 75% of occupancy capacity until further notice.

Regarding all Businesses of whatever type or kind, currently operating within the City of Baker, to include but not limited to, Auto Repair and Auto Related Businesses, Gas Stations, Convenience Stores, Pharmacies, Retailers, Grocery Stores, Supply and Hardware Stores, Beauty Salons and Barbershops, Clothing and Furniture Stores, Fast Food Stores and Restaurants, etc. and regarding all places of Worship and  Religious Gatherings, Medical Facilities and Doctor Offices, etc., in order to avoid or reduce COVID-19 infections and/or the spread of the same and for the safety of all employees, staff, customers and citizens, I as Mayor of the City of Baker with the strongest urgency highly recommend that all business owners and managers continue to require employees and staff to wear CDC recommended facial coverings/masks while at work and that they continue to insist and require customers and visitors who physically enter these respective places and establishments to wear a facial mask/covering as a condition to providing services; furthermore, all businesses or religious facilities operating within the City of Baker shall continue to post and place easily visible Written Notices for public view announcing the Louisiana Governor’s facial coverings/masks requirements Mandate. 

Finally, as Mayor of the City of Baker I continue to be in full agreement with the CDC and the Louisiana Department of Health’s guidelines and recommendations and  I therefore strongly re-urge, insist and encourage every citizen and visitor to wear a facial covering/mask and maintain social distancing at all times when in public in the City of Baker.

Meanwhile, Remain Informed, Vigilant, Disciplined and Calm. For more updates and information visit our website: